Monday, May 30, 2005

season in the sun

My dear friends…

Tomorrow will be my final day working with KN. The final day of being one of the 12 members of the “most talk about” MTs in KN. The final day of being the most pretty HR staff in KN… ha…ha…ha..

As some of you are aware (I guess everybody knew), I choose to leave KN and move on with my career. I will be joining PETRONAS. So before I go, I like to apologize for any bad things that I have done, said, or if I had intentionally or unintentionally hurt any body’s feeling….

I am going to miss all of you so much. With all the sweet memories that we have created…

Bad – My partner. Guess I’ve spent most of my time in KN with you. You are the most charming man that I ever knew. Tq for taking care of me while the attachment period. Tq for tolerating my “mengada2 attitude”. Tq for waiting patiently for me during lunch (especially on Friday at KN kompleks). Tq for being so nice to me. Tq for trusting me with your Gen 2. Tq for listening to my never-ending problems…. Tq for “jumping-start” my car … Tq for everything… (Some things are better left unsaid)

Nurul - alamak… tulis nama kau pun aku dah rasa nak nangis….. you are the best. So sincere and straight forward. I shared a lot of secrets with you. Shared the same interest (shared the same guess handbag). We can spend most of our times together. I am going to miss all the night outing that we did together (especially masa cari rumah Iquan). Nanti aku takleh jadi kakak kau dah....but you still have to answer me bila aku tanye kau “BF Comel tak hari nie”. Jgn nakal2 tau…. Nanti kakak “POK”

Asiah - As the saying goes ‘don’t judge the book by its cover’. I have a total different perception on you on the first day that we met in A’famosa. But obviously I am wrong! Tq for all the rides. Kau tak berkira langsung. Certainly I will miss the Teh Halia in the morning… the miss calls… I will miss our journey to KLIA, to PCD, waiting for you at Comuter station J you will certainly be the most pretty and wonderful wife to KJ. Sorry takleh attend wedding kau… hope everything goes well on that day… sedih takleh tgk baju pengantin kau… don’t forget to forward me the pictures okey…

Diana - Tq for everything. You are very sweet. Don’t worry because God had created someone “sweet” for you as well. (usaha la cepat2… nanti melepas). Nanti kawin jgn lupa jemput aku. Kau jgn la jogging byk sgt… nanti body kau jadi mcm model video clip usher, aku jealous

Iquan - I hated you during our first meeting at A’famosa. You kept calling all the girls (including myself) kak long… geram betul aku kat kau masa tu… especially masa main susun PVC tu… but now, it turns out that you are cool. I can talk to you on almost everything. Still remember the time when aku call kau and menangis2 kat phone? Ha..ha…ha… keep that as our secret okey. Tq for everything. Iquan comel

Jay - Jaq, J-Lo, what ever they are calling you now. tq for the ABC. Tak sempat nak belanja you MC’D. nanti I balik from terengganu I belanja okey? And jay… please stop dieting. You are already pretty… kurus sgt pun tak cun! (betul tak diana?)

Ruzi - Tq for the “nasi ayam”… nasib baik kau and jay ada… tak la aku kempunan. Nanti aku belanja kau and jay pulak ye… Tq for everything friend. Nanti kau kawin jgn lupa jemput aku ye.. (kau ada bf ke? aku dah confuse)

Anis - the main thing that I remember most about you is how conscious you are about your hair and your “%$#@^&” (nurul pun sama…. ). I will be very glad to continue our English Class. Just e-mail me okey… Tq and sorry for everything…

Sara - Sara comel! … nanti takleh tgk kau buat muka comel dah…. Nanti bila kau gossip ngan nurul jgn lupa include nama aku skali ye… kau nak masuk HR tak ganti aku.. aku leh recommend kat mohan. And please don’t cry because the relation ends, smile because it happened (jgn sedih2 ye…)

Dalilah - You are the first person that I knew among MTs. I sit next to you in the bus on the way to A’famosa (if I’m not mistaken). Starting from that day, I only hear good things coming out from your mouth. You are so nice and sweet. Ingat lagi kau tumpang kan aku pagi2 ke komuter… aku cakap kete kau sgt bersih dan best… I really mean it...You are my inspiration… take care and sorry if I ever hurt your feelings

Shri - Macha… as what Iquan and bad called you… bila buat conversation dgn you, all I can hear is giggle… (but we don’t have much conversation because you selalu kat public phoneJ). nanti you kawin please don’t forget to invite me okey. Thank you for the friendship… sorry for everything.....really pray that you will recover fast.

Finally, please remember me… do keep in touch. Bila buat MT’s gathering nanti, please3X invite me okey… take care and all the best for your future undertakings. I’m going to miss all of you.

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