Monday, August 23, 2010


Since I'm tired and sick of Pasar Ramadhan's food, I decided to make kuih on my own for break-fast. I can still remember when I was in school, my dad never encourages us to buy our food from Pasar Ramadhan. I'm not sure why, either he believe that home made food are more economical (sebab ramai orang kat rumah) or because he think it is fresher and more hygienic. Be it samosa, kebab, roti john, kuih cara, roti jala, karipap, popia, ondeh-ondeh, you name it, semua dah pernah buat sendiri. So you see, I still have to skill in me.. hehehe

tapi, nak jadikan cerita, I forgot to buy Daun Pandan and my ondeh-ondeh turn out to be so pale, and it looks like a snow ball instead.. hehe. Hubby ask me to just add artificial coloring, but i hated fake coloring, so I decided to let it be...

Don't judge by the look, it is actually yummy! (Masuk bakul angkat sendiri :p)

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