Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Hidup Bertingkat

My father has always been against the idea of me purchasing Apartment. He prefers landed property for whatever reasons similar to most of you out there who prefers landed property over apartment have.

Anyways, I bought an apartment. hehehe. For several reasons of my own. But it is not a high rise apartment (i dont like high rise ones), it is only a 4 story apartment. It is nice, really.

But recently I have hit with one problem bila hidup bertingkat. My unit is Upper Ground and I have another 2 neighbors living, well, on top of me. The neighbor that lives directly one floor above me is having a problem with it master-bedroom's toilet. Well, it leaks. And the worst thing happened, it gives a direct impact to my master-bedroom. Look at the picture below.

Horror kan? We had to live with it for almost a month as it seems impossible for me to meet the neighbor to discuss this issue with them. Finally it was solved, the couple agreed to repair their washroom and all I had to do is wait for several weeks to see if my wall dried out so that my contractor can begin to repair the wall.

Luckily it was minor. All that requires is to scrap down the old paint, skimmed and re-plaster and re-paint it. I decided to use lavender color to bring up the romantic mood to our room. and look at the result below. Cantik kan? (well, it cost hubby nearlly Rm300 :D)

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