Friday, August 20, 2010

Miss you like crazy

The old saying that goes; You don't know what it is worth till it is gone; is somewhat relates to what I am feeling right now.

Hubby seldom travel (on business purpose) unlike me who travel like crazy. So I am so used of having him around at home. Lumrah hidup, when u are spending your life with another person, every day, every single night, there are things about the person that annoys you. In my case, its the small little things like:

1) Whenever hubby is watching football on Astro, the whole of his universe will be focused on it. Like it will determine his fate or something like that. I can walk naked in-front of him, and he wouldn't even notice!

2) He will behave the same not only during live match, but also for Sports Highlights, for the match that he had already watched last night!

Above are to name a few.

But now he is not with me. He is out of the Country on business trip. And it is driving me crazy! I miss him a lot. I'm praying to God to bring him back to me quick. I don't mind if it means that he get to watch his Sports 24/7 (as long as he let me watch my Oprah, Parenthood, Cougar Town and Accidentally on Purpose :p hehehehe). I feel like part of me went missing. My better half is not with me right now. I feel empty. I miss his smell, i miss his touch, I miss HIM.

Sayang balik cepat!!!

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