Friday, November 27, 2009

Victoria Secret

Remember my previous entry about my frustration due to the unavailability of Victoria Secret in Malaysia? well, fret no more! As I walk to the boarding area of KLIA (Domestic), I taught I was in a dream. There, in front of me, lay in one corner, a Victoria Secret counter! no kidding, a licensed VS counter here in Malaysia. A wide array of Perfume, Body Spray, and Body Lotion are now a drive away (Well, since it is in the boarding area, either you have to travel or ask someone who will to buy them for ya!).

According to the Sales Girl, it is the first Airport Outlet and I was surprise as the price was far from expensive. Body Splash that I normally buy from a friend who returned from US or a stewardess cost only RM40 (They normally charge between RM50 - RM80). The body lotion is also RM40. The lip gloss (the taste is so yummy!, the yummiest that I ever tasted)is only RM38, and the make-up bag is only RM49!.


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