Sunday, December 06, 2009



My family decided to have malam berinai kecik.. *pulak dah*. So, being a very obedient child, I agreed. Hehehe. So all in all, my majlis will be in 3 days in a row! Berinai kecik, then nikah, then reception.

The problem now is to get the make-up artist for malam berinai. Since I wont be changing into so many outfit that nite (in-fact, I will be wearing only one!), I decided not to spend so much on the make-up. Yela, it will only be on my face for few hours jer pun. Berinai, amik gambar, then cuci balik coz nak tido. I tried asking a few places. The boutique that will be doing my pelamin is asking for RM400. Another make-up artist is asking for RM350. And lagi best nye, ada this one bridal shop near my house (tak la grand mana pun kedai dia) tanak buat langsung! The owner told me, quote: “Kami make up untuk pengantin kedai kami jer”. Meaning, you’ll have to get the whole package from them in order for you to be make-up by them. Giler berlagak! First time aku dengar. Heh!

My cousin is suggesting for me to just go and do my make up at the cosmetic counter/ boutique at the shopping mall. They normally charged around RM150 – RM200. Just like I did with Estee Lauder for my engagement. And the result is not disappointing and at a very reasonable rate too. But my problem is that I don’t want to go to the place for make up. Meaning, I want to do it at my house. Yela, nama pun raja sehari kan… so I want to be treated like one :D hehehe. For henna pun I managed to get the artist to come and do it at my house… *sigh*, mana nak cari nie???

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