Friday, November 20, 2009


Don't you find the above number nice? well I did, and the date is the day I celebrated my 29th b'day (owh yeah, Im 29 yrs old!).

I didnt get to celebrate it with my fiance as I was on outstation to Kerteh. He gave me a Starbucks Thumbler (clearly I'm addicted to starbucks coffee!)and a birthday card with a very meaningful words written in it. (Part of it: To my future wife, I cant wait to put the ring on your finger....)Note: Do you know that Starbucks will give you RM2 discount from your favorite coffee if you bring your own starbucks thermos during your purchase... no kidding!


My bestfriend, FHMF treat me to a dinner at Secret Recipe in MesraMall. To those of you who didnt know where MesraMall is, it is the first shopping mall in Kerteh :) He also gave me a titanium bracelet as a birthday gift (I really dont think i deserve it, but thanks dear, I really love it!)

A friend of mine also baked this cuppies for me, so sweet of her. It may look ugly, but have u heard of the saying "dont judge the book by its cover?". So dont! It taste exceptionally good! It is a yummy-licous carrot cake (with chunck walnuts) and cream cheese toppings. The ugly look is because of the melted writting due to heat from my car.

I also received few other gift from my ex-staff in Kerteh. I was really touched by the gesture. I felt loved.

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