Friday, November 20, 2009

Bias vs Racist

Have you ever felt like u were racially discriminated? Well I have, a few times before. And one incident happened very recently.

I have several loyalty/ membership cards. HiltonHonors, MesraRewards, RealRewards, i-Setan, O-Brien, CoffeeBean, Starbuck, Enrich Card, BodyShop and even McDonalds to name a few. These loyalty/ membership programs will normally give you benefits or discounts as part of the benefits being a member. Some even send cards/ gifts/ vouchers to their members as a sign of appreciation. My e-mail was flooded with wishes, and I also received a few letters that comes with vouchers and special offers.

Every year without fail, Clarins (I'm using their skincare and also taking their facial package)will give a voucher that entitles me to either 1 facial session of 50% off voucher of any one of their treatments.

So to cut the whole crap short, I received a card from clarins wishing me Happy Birthday and asking me to visit their outlet (in this, my outlet is in The Curve) to collect my birthday gift. So naturally I went.

When I arrived at the Clarins Institute, I handed over the card to the consultant and told her that I'm there to collect my birthday gift. I saw her thinking for a moment before asking me to wait and spoke to the other consultant in chinese (Im not sure either its mandarin, hokien, or cantonies, and I really dun give a damn). She then produced me a small box and told me that my Birthday gift is a cosmetic purse that contain a few minature of facial product. I was surprised and thought that Clarins had decided that free facial was too much for them to afford. Owh, and not to forget, they also throw in one outdated note book (the note book was sold few months back as part of one of their campaign) So I took it with no prejudice until she opened her record and asked me to sign. There were several other customers celebrating their birthday in November & December and I can see the whole list. To my surprise, some of the customers recieved free facial session (I knew this bcoz they actually put a small remark next to the name), while few unlucky other which include me received the less-worthy trial pack (and these unlucky peps are actually Malays!).

I regreted wasting my energy, time and petrol just to be a victim of a bloody racist.

Well, I dont wanna say more, you decide!

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