Sunday, March 04, 2007


I went to Miri last weekend. It was a holiday trip. Miri was amazing. the places and scenery was beautiful and amazingly clean. There is a park called "Taman Awam Miri" which I particularly amazed. It has all the facilities such as water theme park for kids (like the one in Sunway Lagoon, but in a smaller scale), BBQ pit, Picnic Area, Observation Tower, and hanging bridge. The best part is, the place are open to public daily at no entrance fee at all.

Other interesting places that I've visited are The Grand Old Lady, Petroleum Museum, Saberkas Weekend Market, Tamu Muhibah, Miri Esplanade, Asian Bridge (It cost us RM10 just to cross the bridge, but I think it is worth the money), and also the border of Brunei. Unfortunately we didn't manage to cross the border since we did not have International Passport with us.

Sunday was my sis engagement ceremony. Question of da day was "Bila Liza nak kawin???"

Ita just baught an appartment last Friday. Buying a house was like buying shoes for her. She went to look at 2 show houses, decided on one, and filled up the necessary documents for loan. The cost of the house, I was told, is RM200k ++. errmmmm...

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