Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dr Grey

Im addicted to Grey's Anatomy right now. Its a no wonder why the series received so many awards at the Oscar. I've been watching the episodes back-to-back last night without realising it was already 3.30am. Somehow I felt there's a connection between the main cast, Dr Meredith Grey and myself. hmmm..

Several significant things happened in my life today (considering nothing more significant could ever happen to me here in Kerteh).

1) My group won the Futsal match againts Bomba Team =) and I won an Electrical Appliance.

2) My mom just called to inform me that my neighbour (who is 2 years younger then me) met with an accident and had past away a few hours ago.I remembered when we were younger (7 or 8 years old), my sister and I would go to the playground together. He is the one who thaught us how to ride the bicycle, how to skate on a roller-blade, played with us "pondok-pondok", rounders, and many more. we grew up together. It was sad, he just got married and expecting a baby anytime soon. Oh dear, this is very depressing =( I just cant hardly sleep that night

3) Did my year end Performance Evaluation (My co's is following our fianancial year Mar - Apr, instead of the normal calender year). And the feedback that I got from my superior is very encouraging:

Good in communications at all levels. Adapt easily to any working situations. Good in problem solving. Hardworking and always remembers dateline and assignments.
Highly motivated and focus driven.
Takes courage and willing to take up challenges
Very good communication and people relation skills
Has potential to be a leader
Highly confident

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