Saturday, March 10, 2007

Weekend in Kerteh

Spent my last weekend in kerteh. It was not bad actually since my housemate and I manage to find a few activities to do.

woke up at 9am =) went for b'fast with Tim, Ita, chura and Sharn. While having our roti canai and teh tarik, we decided to spend our friday in Kuantan. So off we go at 12pm.Had our lunch at Kenny Rogers in Megamall. I wonder if the management of Kenny Rogers implemented any Q.C for their outlets or not, but the taste of the chicken & side dishes in the Megamall outlet was yucky! Later, we did what we girls are good at, shopping! hehe.. I bought a few stuff from Body Shop (blusher, lipstick, and body butter), and vitamins from Watson. They always say that we have to look pretty from inside out right =p
We decided to watch a movie after we got all tired and exhausted. the movie called "Bridge to Terabithia". It was fun but quite drastic I must say. Especially when the girl Leslie died towards the end of the movie. It was too sudden and unacceptable. I got all depressed and emotional. On a lighter note, it was a good movie especially for kids since there are so many values (positive ones) that can be learnt from it.

At 7.30pm, we went for a walk at Teluk Chempedak. No further description required. My interest on beaches explained it all.
Had our dinner in Kemaman. Reached home around 11pm. We were tired, happy, statisfied, exhausted, all at the same time.


Went to the office to assist on a Plant Visit. Half of my day were gone. Took a nap from 2pm to 5.30pm. Wash and vacum my car. Went for dinner with Ita, shana and sharn. Help sharn out with her hantaran (she's getting married in June). And I slept early since 2morow is a working day.

note: Communication, distance and more communication. This is what we are lacking and taking us apart...

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