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Friday, 29 December 2006

Im at my mom’s place. This is the last week in 2006. Oh dear.. 2006 has been though on me. I’m hoping, real hard, that 2007 will bring me all the good things. Can’t help but to wonder what I’ll be doing, and where will I be this very same time next year. 30th December 2007. Maybe Im happily married, maybe started my own business, maybe reading novel or watching tv in the comfort of my own house, with the person that I love, or maybe just the same me. Same hairstyle, same status, same negative habits, same old, same old… Read my horoscope on the magazine and also in the news paper. In a glance, grass is greener on 2007 for scorpions. *finger cross

My baby is taking the Friday off. Im happy =) we start the day with roti canai and tarik. Later, from sogo to sg wang and finally O-utama, we call the day off at 10.30. phew…. But again… to be able to spend the day with him… simply delighting. Enjoyed every second of it.

Saddam Hussein served his punishment today. I got depressed watching it on the news =(

Its Raya Haji eve. Muslims all around the world will be celebrating it 2morow (maybe a day earlier in some other parts in the world). Planned to perform prayer with my baby in Putrajaya Mosque. That is if we got up early, considering it is already 1.53am, and Im wide awake in my room typing this entry.


Part of the fun of celebrating New Year is in making resolution. Making it is easy, but the tricky part is in the execution. I started to have my own new year’s resolution when I was in the university. Simple resolutions such as making sure that I pass all my papers, to have bf (hey, it’s my resolution… so I can decide on any, even though it may sound stupid to most of you), to loose a few pounds, etc. Let’s just say that I manage to execute most of it.

So for this New Year, I decided on a few realistic, attainable, and measurable resolutions:

To do:

1) Spend more time reading
2) Spend certain portion of my money for charity
3) To own a house.. my own house
4) To spend more time visiting my dad
5) To improve my self spiritually
6) To make sure that I discipline myself in performing prayer
7) Eat healthily
8) Eat less chocolate (oh dear! This is going to be the toughest)
9) And if it is not too much for me to ask… to improve my personal status (financially, friendship, or even get married.. maybe)

Not to do:

1) Waste money on shoes
2) Shopping without planning
3) Buy things that I don’t actually need
4) Have negative perception, attitude, etc

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