Sunday, January 28, 2007


=) Spent my weekend at genting... City of Entertainment... *smiling* arghhh... I especially love cold, breezy, and place with lots and lots of lights, music, and happy people. Instantly it will bring the holiday mood in you *still smiling*

I took the Wednesday off. I went to MidValley that morning. It is interesting to go to shopping complex on a working day. It feels like the whole shopping complex were closed to public especially for you.. hehehe.. Bought a new pair of jeans from Miss Selfridge, 2 new tops from Zara, foundation and a few other not-so-important-to-mention things.

Had dinner with bf at burger king and later did some groceries for my mom at Carrefour. Bump into Nurul and her hubby. Got home early that night.

Bf came to fetch me at home the next morning at around 10am. Had our b’fast at Ravi in Bangsar. Did my treading afterwards, but the lady who did my eyebrows were sucks at it. =( Get my hair blow-dried at a near-by saloon, and off we go to Genting.

Quite a number of my friends were in this trip. Sarah, kadak, erin, syahril, farih, leez, nazril, along, aidil, and a few others. We all came here with one purpose in mind, the Boyz 2 Men concert… yey! I was really excited, and so do my bf (not so much b’coz he is the die hard fan of the band, but b’coz this is his first time attending a concert.. hehe.. cute!) The concert was really great. It was amazing how they manage to get the crowd alive even though it was only the three of them performing on the stage. No backups, no dancers, no bands. Their evergreen hits such as Water runs dry, 4 seasons of loneliness, end of the road, kept most of the audience entertained and on their foot. I was sad tho since I did not manage to get my hand on one of the roses that they gave to audience while performing one of their no 1 hit, “’I’ll make love to you”. Only those who sit in the VIP seats (right in front of the stage got it =(

Above all, it was a really fun an relaxing weekend for me..

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