Monday, January 01, 2007

Flat tyre

Today is my first day working in the new year. I woke up early as I want to start the new year in every positive way as possible. I left the engine of my car running for few minutes (to wartm up the engine) since I've left it unused for 5 days during the public holiday. When I'm all set to leave for work, I noticed that one of my tyre is flat. Argh... the first obstacle in this very new year. Since "positive thinking" is listed as one of my new-years resolution, I try to solve it calmly. The problem is:

1) The tyre is TOTALLY flat
2) My car is blocking my housemates car, so I have no choice but to move it to another place
3) Im not sure if I can still drive it to another spot fearing that it will cause damage to the rim
4) I dunno how to change the tyre to a new one
5) Am not sure if I have a spare tyre. Even if I do have one, I dunno where it is
6) Same issue with the car-jack. Am not sure if I have one, and Im not sure in which part of the car it's been stored.
7) I dunno what to do first, giving this situation. i.e flat tyre.

So I took the phone and dialled my baby. No answer. I dialled Mazran. I told him everything. He asked me to release the hand break and to push the car slowly instead of driving it (hhhmmm... wonder why I did not think of this in the first place). And he said that he will help me change the tyre after work. =) told you it pays to stay positive.. hehe

Left for work with ita... at office, everyone shows how concern they are with my problem. One of my staff offered to attend to it. At 1 pm, everything was settled. They went to my house, jacked the car, took the flat tyre to the shop, had it patched, and fixed it back to my car. Phew!

Bought him a swiss roll cake as a token of appreciation. Pay him back the RM5 for the cost of patching (yes, its just RM5). And I made a vow to help people in need (within my capacity), so that in future, should I be in need again, a helping hand will be extended to me.

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