Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Place.. Again!

16/02/07 @ 5:30pm

Received a call from my boss in KL this evening. Here how the conversation goes:

Her : You know that Ibrahim is retiring this year right? So I was thinking of putting Thava in his place. That leaves thava’s place vacant in Segamat. Would you like to be transferred?

Me : Errr… Actually I like my work here. But it’s almost 2 years now. And work seems to be routine and repeating. I like to venture into something new. But I dunno if Im ready for a transfer.

Her : Thava’s job right now requires a lot of traveling. You’ll be overlooking a total of 11 regional offices. But I thing you have the quality. You have the people quality and you are assertive.

Me : You know what is best for the department. If you think me moving to segamat would be the best. Then to segamat it is….

[oh dear!]

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