Sunday, December 12, 2010

We have been Married for 1 year :) (and still counting)

(Anniversary by Tony Toni Tone, I love this song so much! Enjoy...)

It's our anniversary!

12.12.09 ~ 12.12.10 and still counting.

Our marriage is one year old!

The year gone by just like that. Tak terasa pun. Probably because we both were busy adjusting ourselves to married life. Adjusting to staying together, learning about each other’s behavior, adapting to each other’s family, and most of all, busy enjoying each other’s company.

I felt bless. People said marriage is a gamble. But I didn’t get into this “gamble” blindly without doing some calculative risk. So far, I am confident to say that I made the right decision. My husband is my true love, my best friend and my soul mate. He really completed me. He is my better half, literally. I’m the hot tempered half, he is the calm half, I am the talkative and social half, he is the shy and homely half, I am the shallow half, he is the deep thinker.

So far, in our one year of married life, we never got into argument. I was the one who always “merajuk”, pulling faces, giving the silent treatment, if things doesn’t go the way I expected. But he will be the one who will just keep quiet, patiently, waiting for my “emotional roller coaster” settle.

But then again, that’s what people said setahun jagung. Things are still new. We are still learning. Orang kata benda baru semua bau wangi :)

I hope I can still say the same for our 2nd, 3rd, 4th anniversary and so on. I hope this feeling that we have for each other will last forever. Even when the small one arrives.

In in love, so much in love.


afterburner73 said...

Marriage is built on the pillars of trust, compromise, respect, chemistry and mutual love.

It is a dance you perfect over time.

Till death do you and Bad part, okay?

lizamohamed said...

amin... thanks :)

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