Sunday, December 06, 2009


This is of course not my akad nikah... hehehe. Pic was taken from here (saje nk bagi feel..)

I went to my uncle's (who is also one of witness for my solemnization) to hand over the completed Borang Nikah. The forms are supposed to be given to Juru Nikah (Tok Kadi) 1 week before akad nikah (daymn.. its only 5 days to my wedding!).

I was told that the Kadi is the type that loves to ask a few questions (to the groom that is) prior to the Akad Nikah. My brother in law was also being wedded by the same Kadi. One of the questions asked to him is "In one day, how many time do we required to recite Al-Fatihah?" Due to nervousness, my bro-in-law simply answered 5 times (for no particular reason). And the Kadi said "Ish... tak kan kot. Zohor jer kita dah baca 4 kali" hehehhee. Other questions include rukun Sembahyang, Rukun Nikah and others... hehehe, good luck ye sayang :D (I believe you can do it)

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