Friday, October 16, 2009

Makan Mahal

Last week I had an away day with my department. It was in Melaka. On the second night there, we decided to have farewell dinner for my Manager as he will be retiring end of this month. Since we are in Melaka, everyone wanted to have the infamous Assam Pedas. One of my office mate suggested a place called "Tomyam Klasik". I know, I know. Nothing the name does not suggest anything close to Assam Pedas, but we were told that this restaurant have one of the best Assam Pedas in Melaka. The place is somewhere in Bukit Beruang.

So, to cut the long story short, we went there. The place is really nice. Cosy and warm and all. They also cater for weddings. hehe, not related, i know.

How does it taste? Hmmmmm, frankly, I've eaten a way better Assam Pedas in Melaka. Clearly this is not on of the best. But what strike my attention is the price. There were 20 pax in my group and it cost us RM600! I think that is bloody expensive. What do you think?

Anyway, here's what we had:

1) Black Paper Beef

2) Lemon Chicken

3) Daging Tetel (Beef Assam Pedas) Orang kata, tetel ni best kalau makan dengan roti canai.

4) Sotong goreng tepung

5) Assam Pedas Ikan Kembung

6) The dessert

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