Sunday, December 07, 2008

updates and what not

geee... the last time i've been here was 2007. and now '09 is just around the corner. time does flies... I was 'networking' with few friends on the facebook when i suddenly recall my long lost passion, blogging. my first instinct was to open "ulatcomel" and see if her blog 'dah bersawang' like mine. And to my surprise, not only did she updated her blog consistently, she also made my 'magicalworld' looks like it came from stone-age :p hehehe... congratulation my friend. Since we were both busy with our life, and the geographical distance between us which made catching up with each others life almost impossible, ur blog kept me updated on ur life in just 2 hours!

It took me almost 15 minutes to figure out the name of ly blog (can you imagine!) and another 10 minutes or so to recall the user namne and password!

well, well, well. what's up with me for the past 2 years or so. A lot I must say. I've travelled a few places such as Jakarta, Bali, Phuket, and a few places in Malaysia. My next trip would be to London, Paris and Spain which is scheduled in March next year. I'm now a certified one star diver (yes, you heard me rite, Scuba Diving :p), I've dived Pulau Tenggol & Tioman and planning on a trip to Bali & Sipadan. I will be transfering to KL very, very soon (IsyaAlla), still doing PR and loving every minute of it. And my biggest accomplishment by far is owning a house!

Ofcourse there are few things which I'm still struggling with. I'm still trying (not so hard) to get "Jessica Alba" hot bod, trying to find my soulmate (yeah, after all these years, I'm still single!), still trying to reduce my temptation on chocolate, shoes, and impulsive shopping.

So many things happened for the past two years, and it is obviously impossible for me to write it all in just one entry.

So much that i love to write & read, time is not on my side. But I'm not complaining as my nature of work still give me the opportunity to write. Invitations, communications with the management & staff, reports, promos, articles, press releases, speeches, etc. I write a lot. I communicate a lot, I travel a lot, meet lots of people, and work 7 days a week, around the clock.

This basically explains why my last entry was approx. 2 years ago. But I will try (this is not a promise tho) to write more here. at least this serves as my memory, of the things that I wishes to remember.

I dun care if no one read my blog (who have the interest to read this dull page anyway). But i will continue to write. I will try.


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