Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby Shower

It was a long holiday. For some reason, its is the holiday that I've been dreading of. Most of the people close to me will be away on holiday. FH will be going to Jakarta for a week. Kupu2 going to hotspring in Perak. And I'm stuck in KL from Friday to the next Monday. 4 days without doing nothing!

But it didn't go so bad... so far. I decided to work at HQ on friday. Gila kan? orang lain sume sibuk nak finish off their annual leave, aku plak volunteer to work on my off day. But i do have lots of unfinished business to deal with. Amazing enough i left work at 5.30pm that friday (I was planning to work until 3pm only). Rushing back to home to avoid the unsolve-mystery-of-the-famous-extra-crazy-traffic-in-kl. As I was leaving KLCC, my lil sis called and asked me to pick her hubby and son on my way home. She couldn't leave office anytime soon. We were planning to go to her in-laws hometown in N9 for her son baby shower. So we all gathered at my mom's place and convoyed our way through to N9 (owhhh... I feel sick driving at bukit putus. It was raining, dark and so many huge lorry! and not to mention the sharp turning). The baby shower went well.. and I had so much fun at Kuala Lipis. And I felt in love with N9 dishes.

We arrived kl the next day at 4pm. I quickly rang anne, my best buddy and ask her to go to ikea with me. From today's newspaper, i can see that ikea is having a new year's sale and the price is rediculously cheap! So we went and had our dinner at ikea and spent the next 3 hours bargain huntting. I bought a kopitiam table and stools at a discounted price of RM399 (NP: RM 499), a garden table at RM49 (NP: RM79), Stand lamp at RM99 (NP: RM199), and I was really, really satisfied :)

This morning I woke up and had bfast with MS at Taman Tun (Santai). I had and a really delicous Laksa Johor and he had nasi lemak which is not so bad as well. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the house and my room, and watch dvd.
Later I went for dinner with MB at TGIF Curve. We watch the Liverpool vs New Castle game (Liv-5, New-1). I told him that I watched a movie titled Gia (played by Angie Jolie) and I found the movie to be very disturbing. and his response "hehehe.. the movie was based on a true story"... Like I don't know! I cant help to wonder what/ how would FH respond to my statement just now. he would deffinitely say sumthing like "what makes u think the movie disturbing?" or something more brilliant... *sigh*

I'm leaving for kerteh 2morow. 3 days left to work in kerteh before being officially transfered to KL. Adeh... I feel so sad and so excited at the same time. But more towards sad maybe... I've spent nearly 4 years there. So many memories.. most of them are sweet ones.. Especially the one... arghhh.. I dunno

- Today is 1 Muharam. today, 28 years ago, I was born to this world.

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