Monday, December 08, 2008

body of lies

It’s been a long day for me today. Muslims all around the world are celebrating Aidiladha today; needless to say some are celebrating it a day earlier compared to the rest. I can pretty much predict how it is going to be like, celebrating it in KL. I'm not sure for other family, but mine is just like any other public holiday. Perhaps, the only different is that I can hear the "takbir raya" since the Surau is situated just next to my house. What else is different? owh yes, some of my family member took the effort to wake up early, shower and dress in Baju Kurung/ Baju Melayu, while there were few ignorance others who just couldn't be bothered. And my mom cooks something more special as compared to other days. Other then this, everything else remained. No family gathering as usual, no family eating together as usual, no lemang, no ketupat or any other festivities food for that matter. I feel so sad, took the car key and went to the nearby bakery to buy cake in the hope of making the dining table merrier. Pathetic, sad, gloomy, and depressing; those are that best describe my feeing today. But hey, life goes on right? It is not the end of the world, some of you might say.

I survived the morning. My sister and I went to our dad’s place at noon. It was a whole lot better there. My dad cooks my favorite Nasi Tomato.

I went to The Curve in the evening. I guess this is the most pleasant part of my day by far. I have always found this place to be appealing. It never fails to make me happy. Today is no different. We went to Ikea to have it infamous curry puff and coffee. Later, we went to watch Body of Lies staring Leonardo Decarpio. I always hated violent movie. And this movie makes me vomited towards the end of the movie. It was really, really brutal, racist, and sadistic. I hate war! Wonder when the world will finally be at peace.

We drop by at my kupu-kupu’s place (kupu2 = my second cousin) to take the frozen curry puff that she brought back from her kampong. Arrived home at 15 minutes past 10. My younger sister had left to stay at her mother in laws place for the next 1 month, along with my 3 months old nephew. Daniel (one of my fav nephew) is asleep. Suddenly I feel empty again. For some reason, I’m looking forward to go back to Kerteh tomorrow.

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