Friday, December 12, 2008

TGIF... but I'm still working

Harini rasa penat sikit. maybe because penat semalam driving all the way from kerteh blom hilang lagi. It was raining all the way from Gambang to Maran. I always hated driving in the rain. Well, since the "incident", i must say. If it rains, i will hafta give twice concentration to the road. But most importantly, i arrived safely.
Once reached home, i quickly jump on to my bed with the hope of falling into nap for an hour or so. Tapi tak berjaya. so i decided to take a shower and head to S'alam to have dinner with MB. we went to a restaurant in SS7. He had chicken rice, I had cheese burger (half of it actually, and MB help to finish the rest of it) and we both shared Dim Sum. the food was tasty and the price was reasonable too.
I woke up early this morning. Attended a meeting at DayaBumi. Had lunch with my Kupu2 at TGIF Curve (mana lagi kan kalau tak my fav place :p)the traffic was mad all the way from Bangsar to Damansara. Mcm nak patah kaki dok tekan clutch. I really should consider AT car bila dah transfer nanti... hmmm...
After lunch, met FH to catch the movie "the day the earth stood still". What can i say about the movie? one word = sucks. It is just not my cup of tea. Only good is that FH is with me :D I'm happy. miss him so much. Lama tak spend time talking to him. Somehow he is the only guy who can connect with me, verbally.
Went home straight afterwards. I'm planning to go for a facial 2morow noon. Till my next entry.. i'm so sleepy rite now. chiow.

1) Receive a text from my big boss complimenting my work :D
2) Watching movie with FH
3) Able to talk to someone who actually listen to what I'm saying

1) People around me who owe me money but pretend like they owe me nothing. make me sick
2) Don't feel comfortable at my own home
3) Missing my nephew

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