Sunday, April 08, 2007


When i left for work this morning, I saw some chaotic at the traffic light near my house. I saw a school bus stranded by the road side (at first I suspected an accident) and school children busy crossing the streets carrying their school bags. When my car stop at the red light, I manage to get the whole idea of what is really happening. The bus broke down (flat tyre or something) and 2 responsible father was busy helping the kids into their car (they cramp into the car like sardines..hehe) to help send them and make sure they get to school on time.

What amuses me was the fact that they themselves are in the rush to get on time to office (they are in shirts and tie) but still they look very calm.. and responsible. Patiently and quickly they get the kids (their kid(s) and also other kids) into their car as many as they could, and quickly send them to school. Dunno y, but I really find this as something refreshing to look at and to ponder on this morning.

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