Sunday, April 08, 2007

flu =(

Im having a flu at the moment. Nak keje pun sgt malas.lost 2 of my most important senses for the past 5 days... the sense of smell and taste.

I've been spending so many days in KL dis few weeks with meetings and discussions. In May alone, I've taken 5 flights from Kuantan to kl.. phew! Im wondering how many points have been accumulated in my enrich card. And im sure this endless travelling somehow contributed to my sickness.

My frens and I went to the Earth, Wind & Fire concert last Friday. Im sure some of you will go "who the hell is that" when I mentioned the name of the band. Its a band that was formed way back in 1980s and with a few ass-kicking-hit-songs. I love the band. I love one of their song in particular. It is called "after the love is gone". The concert is in conjuction with F1. Many VIPs were at the concert. Agung (Tuanku Mizan), PM, Tan Sri President (of my company), Siti and her Datuk-K, and many others. Anyways, I got the tickets for free, and my frens (sarah, kadak, erin & syahril) are going. We had fun, singging, dancing.

Im leaving for KL (again) 2morow afternoon. Im having a 3 days training on customer relationship management at Berjaya Times Square (Hotel). Im so happy, this is so cool, Im so looking forward to it. A week away from office, for a training at a shopping mall... hmmmmm... I just love my work =) hehehe...

The week after next, I'll be managing an exhibition in Kuantan. so I'll be away from the office (again...hehe) for another 2 weeks. And right after dat (yes.. there's more) I'll be packing my bag, with sun-block and bathing suit for a week long holiday on an island.... hehehehe... life is wonderful anyway.

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