Saturday, April 14, 2007

Expensive purchase of the month

Clarins RM800++

tak cantik jugak lepas nie tak tau lah... I read an article saying that women shud begin to apply anti aging product on their face once their age reach 25, before gravity takes charge =)
Terbanglah 800++ for a complete set consisting of Whitening cleanser, Whitening tonner, under-eye cream (for lines), anti-aging day cream, anti-aging night cream.

MP3 player RM160

Since the nature of my job requires me to travel frequently, meaning lots of time wasted at the airport, transit, cab, etc, I decided it would be a very wise decision for me to invest a small portion of my money for this gadget. Its not an i-pod or wat so ever. But its a decent one. With the capacity to store up to 260 songs, small and funky design, I think its worth the money.

Clothing RM500++ Shoes RM200++

Oh dear! lots of my money spent on clothing this month... and shoes. This is why, i believe, the reason I was not destined for me to be based in KLCC =)


During my stay in the hotel for training dat I attended last week, I had food poisoning. When I woke up one morning (the last day of my 3 days stay), my stomach hurts like hell. I went to the toilet to do the "business". And the pain continued and I can't barely stand. As I walk out of the toilet to drink some water, I blacked-out. All I can remember is that when I open my eyes, Im laying on the bathroom floor, naked, and my whole body was sweating. I stayed there for a few minutes before regaining my strength to text my boss in klcc saying dat Im not feeling well and dat I will not be able to join the meeting. She replied that the meeting will be postponed till the next day since she wanted me to be part of the discussion. I took the cab home. Slept the rest of the day =( I didnt tell my mom what had happened. Just dun feel like it.

Woke up at 12. Had lunch with bf. Attended a Hi-Tea held by one of the magazine in Bangsar. I had fun. Make few new frens. The food was gud and so did the goodie bag that we received.

Me and Nurul went for an audition for one of the game show in the local TV. It was her idea. However, I did participated in the audition. It was fun even tho I fail to answer 80% of the questions asked...hehe. generally it was on general issues which Im not gud at. Gosh.. I need to read more news papers or watsoever.

I went to a 2nd hand book warehouse sale. I bought 7 story books & novel.

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