Saturday, February 03, 2007

My best fren's Wedding (Part I)

I found myself dragging my feet this morning. Adoi.. malasnye nak keje.. thinking that my frens and family on the other side of the world is enjoying their sleep in the comfort of their blanket at this hour. Its Sunday for God sake!

I have to work last weekend. Its an event with local Authorities.. Event with the Police to be exect. I shoot a real bullet from a real gun for the first time in my life. I got a 5th ranking out of 30 ladies participants. Not bad for a beginner I must say.

Got back to the hotel, I weep like a baby while on the phone with my bf.. I got so depressed for no reason. Most probably homesick. And Im missing people. My nephew, my baby... =(

Got a shocking phone call from my best fren.

Her : What if I tell you that Im getting married this year end
Me : I would say Congratulation.. Im happy for you
Her : And what If I say that Im going to be a second wife?
Me : Are you kidding me???!!!!

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