Monday, February 12, 2007

Global Warning on Global Warming!!!

In case if you haven't notice, the weather has been especially warm these past few days. I read an article, or a reminder I must say, that wrote about global warming and how it had caused the ice in the artic/antartic to melt. This is scary or what? All the floods happening in Johor and Indonesia recently is a no-wonder. People (including myself) is taking the environment for granted all this while. We've been using plastic bags like no body's business. Even to purchase one bloody can drinks or bread, or toothpaste, etc, we require a plastic bag. Im sure we are capable of carrying a thing or two by hand when shopping from groceries store.Stores in Malaysia should seriously begin to consider to adopt the paper bag idea instead of plastic bags. Kudos to hypermarkets such as carrefour who already uses the bio-degradable plastic bags for their stores.

Last wednesday was my bf's 26th b'day. For the past weeks I've been cracking my head on plans to make sure that it is a special one. I asked my sister to call him up saying that she will come to his house to send a package from me. At 12.03am he came down from his house to find me instead.. hehe.. along with his b'day present. Bought him wallet from Bonia and Raoul Cuf-Link.

Took him out for a dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. Another surprise for him when the waiter brought him a brownies with ice cream (yummy!) and candle. The waiter made an announcement and everyone in the restaurant sang together birthday song for my baby. And he made a wish (I wonder what it is) and blew the candle.. Asian Reforms is performing there. The band was not bad at all.. they were quite entertaining actually. In short, I was happy that all my plans were executed nicely and my bf was very delighted... at least that was what he told me.

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