Wednesday, November 22, 2006


One of my co's vehicle was issued compound by DOE due to black smoke emission. After being tested, the vehicle was found to be emitting smoke at 82% againts the allowable limit of 48.5%. The issue is that the driver actually kept the compound letter in his tray for the whole 1 month long... and the case is already been brought to the court! And my management is freaking out. As one of Public Affairs staff, I was instructed by the bosses to deal and monitor closely with DOE on this issue since this incident, if being captured by the media, will cost a very high impact on company's image. I have already prepared a 2 pages long and detailed report, a lesson learnt report, and a few other paper work, and the matter will be settled, hopefully by this sunday, insyaAllah.
today is the last day of work for the week... Im not going back to kl though. my mom called just now, and I can hear the disappointment in her voice. Im tired of travelling, hence decided to spend the off day here. Sarah, one of my close friend from kl is here for meeting. We'll find something to do tonite.. karaoke or just relaxing by the beach listening to the live band.
There's a newly open Spa here in my area. From the broucher that I got, the place looks alraight. And the price, mind you, is way too cheap for the place to be actually called spa. I'll give it a try this evening. Body scrub and "mandi susu".... argghhhh.. Im looking forward for the indulgence... Come to think of indulgence, what are the things that actually you found indulging? as for me, chocolate, coffee, and bed will do the trick =)

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