Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Its Been A While

gosh.. its been a while since the last time I was here. Why you may ask. It is convenient to use the excuse that the majority of human being in the world use, which is, "Im busy". Well... I am busy. I've been busy with life routine, with work, with travelling (necessary and those the unnecessaries), with relationship (starting a new one, strenghtening the existing ones, and to end the old ones), with family (considering Im having 2 separate family now), and with other matters.
In a glance :
Im 17kg lighter then I was few months back. Im still stucked here in the, shall I say, un-civilized town. "Chips & Chapathi" is the name of the book that Im curently reading. Spend most of my time on the road, between KL and the stone age.. and everything in between. Found out that my ex-fiance is currently seeing a girl (and she is pretty... yes, I saw her pics). My ex-bf (that Im not attached emotionally at all) is getting married next month. I just add up a year to my age a few days back (hopefully not another wrinkle line on my face).One of my housemate got married last sunday, and the fact that she is the youngest one among us make us feel like shit. One down, seven to go... Seven heaven! The other one of my housemate are engaged last month, and scheduled to tie the knot next April. So there will only be the 6 of us in the
Above all... Im just trying to become a wise women who age gracely, contribute something to everything, and everyone around me, and to be happy, and to be with the people whom I care, and love, and cherish.

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