Monday, November 27, 2006


Last night I had teh tarik & roti canai with Ita. Borak2 till it was 10pm. Sampai rumah, I begin to feel all sorts of feelings.. weird feelings. Gelisah jer.. decided to do some laundry while watching "tyra show" on NTV7. It was fun since last night the topic was about Super Models, beauty tips, models secrets, etc. I still did not manage to sleep till it was about 2am. Called my baby. I was glad that he is willing to entertain me on the phone... at least that helps ease the un-easy feelings that Im feeling.

After the phone conversation, I kept the lights in my room on for the rest of the night. Force myself to sleep. But I woke up automatically for every half an hour. And at 4am, I heard some weird noise at the end of my bed (mine is a wooden bed-frame). It is like something moving and hitting lightly at the bed frame... In instance, I jump out of my bed and searched for the thing.. and it is a huge papa-cockroach! quickly I ran to the bathroom, and took the spray, and it was killed in just a few second!

Finally Im able to sleep at about 5am. This is all because of the creepy story told by my housemate, sharn. she told us that the night before, while she was sleeping, she felt like (actually, she is very2 sure) that "something" is pulling down her socks slowly. The first time it happened, she pulled it up again and pretended as if nothing happened. But when it being pulled down again for the second time, she quickly jump out of the bed, and stayed awake for the rest of the night.... as this creepy or what??

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