Friday, October 21, 2011

Restoran Ruz Aladdin

I bought this deal on Dealmates the other day. 50& off for chicken briyani set at ruz aladdin, TTDI. I've been to the one in Jalan Ampang. And the briyani is realllllyyyyyy good! So I'm expecting the same from this one. discounted price sum more!

The set comes with a Chicken Briyani, Sirap Bandung, and Rojak Buah. Hubby sgt la excited since Sirap Bandung is his fav!

This is the indoor area of the restaurant @ 8pm. Tak ramai orang lagi time ni. probably because it is still early for dinner. The restaurant is clean and comfortable. I loike.

We presented the delamates certificate. The friendly staff asked if I want a baby seat. Hahaha… my baby is merely 3 months old, he can’t even hold his own bottle, how to sit la macha! Hehehe. Thank you for the nice gesture tho :p I told the waiter that I want my drink without ice and hubby’s with ice.

Our drinks come a few minutes later. And terkejut sekejap sebab air sirap bandung yang dinantikan, bertukar menjadi kale hijau. Uik.. We called the waiter back and ask him. He told us that the package that we bought comes with calamansi drink, not sirap bandung. We’ll, saya memang pelupa, tapi saya tau baca.. I ask him to bring back the certificate and there, sangat la clear tulis “SIRAP BANDUNG JOHOR”. Tak dapat johor punye pun takpe, janji sirap bandung.. hehe.

Apparently the owner of the restaurant is there having dinner with his family at the open air area. He came to our table and apologized and took our drinks to change it. Tapi saya rasa kesian pulak, so I just ask him to change just one drink for hubby. Aku minum je la air kale hijau ni.. Nampak sedap jugak.
Next the Nasi Beriyani Ayam sampai complete with acar and kuah and what not. Terkejut lagi skali, not because ayam bertukar jadi kambing, but because the portion of the Nasi is really2 big. Ayam dia pun sgt la besar. Memang woth the money that you paid for. Nasi dia pun sgt la sedap. Cukup lengkap semua rasa. Tak makan dengan kuah pun takpe.. sangat sedap!

So hubby and I decided to just share a plate. Because saya confirm takleh habiskan one by myself. So we asked the waiter if we can tapau the other one and he gladly do so (altho dalam certificate tu clearly dah tulis for-dine-in-only)

This is the dessert (or should it be served as appertizer? hmmm). I have no comment on this. Rasa biasa je, nothing to shout about. Cuma rojak ni sgttttt pedas. Dorang terletak extra cili kot.. berair2 nak hidung makan this rojak.

Verdict = you guys should go and visit this restaurant. either in Jalan Ampang or the one in TTDI. ada byk lagi food on their menu. western food pun ada. huhu


1) No32, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, TTDI, 60000 KL (03-77296463)

2) Restoran Ruz AladdinLot 1243 Jalan Ulu Kelang Mukim Ampang

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