Friday, September 09, 2011

Tropicana Twister Lychee

I used to crave for lychee drinks during the final trimester of my pregnancy. I drink it everday and sometimes 2 to 3 times a day! cant get enough of it. Sampai mamak kat rumah tu dah tau, tak payah order. Nampak je muka aku, terus bungkus air laici. Siap dapat extra buah :) kesian tgk aku pregnant kot.. rezeki baby

Anyway, recently (duirng fasting month), Tropicana Twister launched a new flavour to its range. What flavor? yes, your are right... Lychee! OMG!!! keluar je iklan, the next day suruh hubby beli. OMG lagi skali... SANGAT SEDAP ok! ever since, I am hooked. dalam masa less then a month, rasanye nak dekat 10 botol dah kitorang beli.. hmmm... (90% of it, yours truly la yang minum).

Worth to try. I am not a fan of lychee drinks that they sell in the box tu (Air kotak laici). Tapi yang ni memang sedap. Tak rasa fake (they claimed it was made with real fruit.. hmm) and tak manis sgt. Put it in fridge to chill... wah... mmg best. tak tau la kalau letak ais sedap ke tak, coz saya tgh pantang ais.. tapi minum chill pun layan... cubalah! hehehe

Other then lychee, ada jugak orange (hubby's favorite), apple and blackcurrent (I read somewhere, blackcurrent is not a success for Tropicana Twister)

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