Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spring's Leaf Cafe

When we were in Alor Setar, Kedah a few weeks back, hubby and I decided to take sometime off and leave our baby with hubby's family. We went out to the mall and bought DVD's and on our way back hubby suggested for us to have drinks at Old Town White Coffee (because we are a sucker for its White Milk Tea). On our way there, my attention was caught by a cafe named Spring's Leaf Cafe.

Hubby hesitated at first, takut tak halal (He is very fussy when it comes to food),but we saw a few Malays in the cafe so he was ok :)

The cafe is has a very nice setting, with nice furnitures.

Surprisingly the food & drinks (that we ordered) is very delicious and very affordable too! For the price that they tag to the food, I would expect something simple. But turns out the food presentation as well as taste were not disappointing.

mocha @ RM5.90

Cappucino @ RM5.90

Bruchetta @ RM5.90 (Sgt sedap ok!)

Mexicano Fries @ RM5.90 (at first rasa mcm byk for 2 people to eat, but we manage to finish it in less then 10 mins! sedappppp...)

total bill is RM23.60 , and we are happy customers :) siapa yang ada kat kedah tu, apart from makan laksa kedah and nasi lemak royale, boleh la try cafe ni untuk lepak2, catch up with friends

GR, Kompleks Alor Setar,
Lbr Darulaman,
05100 Alor Setar,
Tel: 04-735 4137

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