Friday, September 23, 2011

Orange Saloon

I am sure by now most of you are aware of websites that offer fabulous discounts on restaurants, saloons, and other shops suchs as dealmates and milkAdeal. I purchase the above deal recently.

RM58 instead of RM218 for a haircut by a professional creative stylist + moisturizing treatmen using Alfaparf Milano products + wash + blow at Orange Salon.

The location of the Salon is at Southgate Commercial Centre. The location is quite convenient if you dont mind the jem! and parking is free too.

The saloon has a very classy design altho I cant find anything that is in 'orange' color.

The staircase behind me lead to a manicure and padicure area. nice huh?

The PC is located at every booth. I dont know if it is meant for customer to used because I was not offered to use it.

Altho the deco of the saloon is nice, the services are nothing to shout about. The so called "professional creative stylist" that was assigned to me was nothing near creative nor professional. He did not recommend anything and just follow whatever I asked him to do. And my hair was shampoo and washed at the basin. By right, normally your hair will be shampoo at the booth first and later wash at the basin. And normally the hair wash that I get from other saloon will take about 15 - 20 mins (they will put shampoo on your hair twice), but here, it only took 10mins with only one wash. Dah la rambut saya tebal, rasa tak bersih and tak puas :(

The hair cut pun macam orang baru belajar potong rambut. how can they call themself professional creative stylist? and the moisturizing treatment pun ala-kadar je..

Rasa macam serik pulak discounted deals. Service yang dapat pun "discounted" jugak.

Probably some of you out there have different experince?

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