Friday, September 03, 2010

Grown Ups @ The Breakfast Show

I was on MC for 2 weeks (last week). Instead of enjoying the long-free-leave, I was bored to death! I woke up every morning to prepare sahur for hubby, send him off to work, and back to bed. I woke up again at around 9am, clean up the house and stare at the wall wondering what else I should do. Boring gile.

So I spent the days watching tv instead. From one program to another. And surfing internet and well, watch TV some more.

One morning, as I was switching channels, my attention was caught by The Breakfast Show at NTV7. This is a talk show similar to what Channel 9 (Nasi Lemak Kopi-O) and TV3 (MHI) had.

The host on The Breakfast Show (TBS) was promoting the new movie titled Grown Ups and they are running a contest to all viewers. I was bored, remember? So i decided why not try for the contest! All I need to do is name all 5 actors in the movie and submit my details together with slogan "I love to watch The Breakfast Show because....". I quickly search for the answers (with the help from Google of course) and email it to the show.

A week later, I received a call from people at NTV7 and was informed that I am the winner!!!! I was so happy! No, I did not win a car or hand phone for that matter. I just won a pair of tickets to watch the movie and Grown Ups official merchandise. I know it was nothing precious, but winning make me feel so GOOD! hehehe

Here are my prizes. Grown Ups merchandise (Cap, hand-fan, and fordable storage box) and a pair of movie tickets! I dont know what's up with the maxis paper bag, probably it was sponsored by them.

Saya happy :)

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