Tuesday, June 05, 2007

weekend details

It was a long weekend for me.. It was filled with so many interesting activities. Some of the highlights..

Friday - Went to the Insurance agent to get my car insurance and roadtax renewed. Went to The curve to watch Shrek with bf. It was fantastic! Later that night, I went to UM to watch the Ochestra performance (Royal Gala) with my friends. It was my first experience and it turns out to be amazing! A few artist performed together with the UMSO (University Malaya Symphony Orchestra) like Man Kidal, Mus May, Akma AF5 and others...

*** to my horror, the agent called me that evening to inform that they are unable to renew my roadtax since I have 5 traffic summons that I failed to settle. Darn... Now I have to wait until next week bfore I can settle everything. Great!

Saturday - Attended sharn's (my housemate) wedding in Melaka together with ita, shana, and tim. She look so beautiful and radiant. Seri pengantin maybe... but she was so happy to see us came all the way from KL (kerteh to be exact) just to be with her on her big day. To sharn and the love of her life, congratulations!
Anne fetch me at home after maghrib. We went to Bangsar Village and chat while having coffee. Later we went to UKM to fetch another fren of ours (she participated in the Sukan Wanita) who came all the way from Perlis. We had dinner and a nice long conversation in Bangi. After dinner, Anne droped me in USJ and continue my "lepak" with another group of frens... Went home at around 2.30am...

Sunday - Took my two darling nephews to pyramid.. they wanted (so much) to see the shrek.. so there it goes.. I have no choice but to see the movie twice. I had fun tho. To see the happy look in their faces. We had pancakes for B'fast and later I took them for lunch after the movie.

Farih came to fetch me at home around 2pm and we had a drink in Taipan. And head off for Kerteh at around 4pm..

Owh... not forgetting... I had just celebrated my 2nd year (and still counting=) anniversary with the company on 1st June..

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