Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New hobby

Im taking up a new hobby. Planting! it helps in reducing the global warming rite? As a matter of fact, I heard on the news dis morning dat the gov is launching a new campaign for all schools in Malaysia to plant at least 3 new three in their school. Last week, I bought 2 seeds, i.e, chilli and lady's finger. And also, I have given my laling a tree for him to plant. Its a sunflower tree. The reasons why I baught the tree in the first place is because of the cute packaging and the step-by-step instructions given at the back of the packaging making it so fun to try. But only later when I got home that I found out that you will have to actually close monitor the growth of the tree, and I begin to loose faith. First you'll have to plant the tree (without fail) 2 times a day for the first 2 weeks. later bila pokok tu dah tumbuh sikit, you will have to put the fertelizer. then after certain duration of time, kena ubah pasu pulak. Darn... I dun have time for that... 3 days I'll be in kerteh. Then in KL for the next 2 days... and God knows where in the next few days.... sian jer pokok tu mati kering nanti... So, all the best laling! really hope that I can see the flower blooming on day nanti =D

**** I took this picture 2 days ago while having keropok lekor and air jagung with Farih and liz at one of the stall by the beach in Paka... beautiful rite.

**** I did some beautification to my bathroom... I put some flowery tiles sticker on the bathroom tiles... cute! Now Im spending more and more time in the bathroom... hahaha

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