Sunday, June 17, 2007

We are the champion

Last week I participated in the east cost sports carnival. I played tennis as always.. and suffered from sunburn ever since..haha... but it was all worth the suffering. My team (gas business contigent) merged overall champion.

Attended the Bakti Program in Penang. I was in the same flight with Mawi (the guy from AF) back to KL, not that it was a big deal or anything... just feel like writing it down =D but he is not bad looking if you see him in person.

I spent the night in KLIA Pan Pac and took the evening flight to kerteh the next day. Arrived kerteh around 8pm. Went to YPC (young professional club) bbq party. Ada ramai orang kat sana and suddenly I realise there ere actually quite a number of good looking-bachelor-engineer on this lonely place called kertih. hahaha. Where the hell have they been all this while? Maybe dorang stuck kat oil rig sana... or maybe working their ass off in the plant. But dun get me wrong... I’m still madly deeply in love with my baby =D But again.. sapa yang tak suka tgk benda yang cantik.. rite?

Right now my time (in the evening) is occupied with endless training and stamina building activities. This is the preparation for the coming sports carnival early next month.

My tentative schedule (I was paid to be on the road =p)

21 - 23 June : Kuching (vacation)

25 - 27 June : Crowne Plaza Hotel (Media response & Crisis Management Training)

29 - 30 June : KLIA Pan Pac (Department Away day)

4th - 15 July: Bangi (Sports Carnival)

16 - 17 July : Program Bakti Pendidikan, Penang

owh, I almost forget. My grandma's house in Tanjung Tokong was almost destroyed by fire last Saturday. If I’m not mistaken, almost 9 houses were destroyed in the unfortunate incident.

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