Saturday, September 03, 2005

moving out

Im moving out from my house to a new bungalow with ita, my colleague. Its in the sameArea but a few blocks away. The problem is, Im moving out tomorrow, but I still couldn't find the courage to tell my current house mate that Im actually planning to move out!

Afternoon comes.. I try to draft an e-mail to them, this is how it reads:

Dear fellow housemate,For your info, I am planning to move out from our house effective from thismonth. Sorry for any inconvinience caused and hope we can still be friendsand in touch.

JJ- please advise me on any other outstanding bills that I need to pay.

TQkorang and sorry again...

It took me more then an hour before I fainally gain my courage to actuallypress the "send" icon on the screen. The moment I send out the e-mail, I quickly leave the office... Affraid of the reply that they will give me.Eventually, I didn't get any reply from any of my housemate until 5 o'clockthat day. Now Im really affraid. They must hate me to the skin.

Arrive home around 6. Spend almost 15 min outside the house just wondering how the hell am I going to get inside and to avoid them... Finally I got the courage.Unfortunately, I bumped into one of my housemate the next morning. She gave me the"what-da-hell-r-u-still-doing-in-the-house-thought-u-already-moved-out"kindda look. I just smile and walk quickly out to my car...

My department organized a kenduri that nite, to welcome the Ramadhan (which is coming in 2 days time). Met my boss' fiancé (she look weird) and mystaff's spouses. Kindda weird since they introduced me to their wife and they look puzzled too (hey, I look very young to be someone's boss). Anyway, I ate a lot that nite. The chicken is so yummy :-) .... Had ice-cream with MA that nite at KFC (pitty me, no Baskin Robin in kertih).Guess I need a whole 2 days on the tread mill to actually burn the foodthat I ate tonite :-)

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