Saturday, April 16, 2011

26 weeks and counting

Today is my 26th week. Last few weeks I did a detailed ultra sound. This is not like the normal ultra sound. As the name suggest, it is well...errr... detailed. The doctor will check the neck bone (to see if the baby is down-syndrome or not), check the hand bones, thigh bones, size of the head, the connection of the heart, the liver, number of fingers, and many others. The ultra sound took almost an hour to complete (and RM350) and it is all worth it. At least we get to be prepared for any "situation" even before the baby is born. Alhamdulillah, my lil bambino is fine. Mommy knows you are one tough lil guy :) and yes, my lil bambino is a he :) (dgn confidentnye saya boleh beli baju)

My pregnancy have been treating me really kind. No any sort of morning sickness, tiada alahan, not even for my husband. My baby is behaving really2 well. So my pregnancy have no effect what so ever on my work (apart from difficulties to move around as fast as before due to my growing size and shortness of breath)

My baby is kicking harder each day (probably sebb daddy suka sgt bola, main bola, surfing bola, and tgk bola!).

I've read sumwhere that if u r having an easy pregnancy, the tough part will be during the delivery. I dunno. I certainly praying everyday that it will be easy for me all the way.

And yes, I'm piling up the weight more than I'm allowed. *sigh* That's the thing, I have no sickness, and my appetite is sky rocketing. Certainly not a good combo!

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