Saturday, November 17, 2007

Trip to Teluk Intan

My dad text me saying that he wanted me to accompany him to Teluk Intan. My cousin (who is in his early 40's) will get both of his legs amputed as a result of diabetic. Just like what happened to my dad, only worst! I couldn't imagine his life after this having to go thru each day without both of his legs.. Maybe ini dugaan dia di dunia. Maybe Tuhan has prepared something good for him in the hereafter. Only God knows. But things happen, happen for reasons, rite?

So I took the sunday off and I dragged along my baby (poor him). We reached perak at around 12pm. we went to visit several relatives and had our lunch at the famous "Mastan Ghani" mee. We went to the hospital at 4pm but unfortunately my cousin had already been taken to the surgery room. My dad decided to hang around the hospital before we took off for KL. We had our dinner at one of the Kedai Ikan Bakar with my dad's old frens. Its was altogether 7 of them. Sronok tgk orang2 tua dok sakan recalling back their past experiance. How they mengorat their wife, the noughty stuff dat they did together. I was really tired, but I did not show them since I didn't want to effect their good times.

Sian my bf since he was the one yang took the wheel chair in and out from the car boot, open them and help my father to sit and get off from the wheel chair. Ada la more then 8 times... hehehe... tq sayang.

On our way back, my aunty text my dad informing that the surgery was a success and that his condition is stabil. Alhamdulillah.

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