Saturday, November 17, 2007

remember2 the 9th of November

I have just celebrated my 27th birthday on 9th November. Its just getting better each year. Rasa sronok sgt. The night before my b'day, I stayed over at my cousin's place (azie). We went to the club listening to the music and dance the night away. The similarities between her and myself is that both of us has a pair of dancing feet! we just love to dance... we left planet at around 2 am. When we got home, text messages begin to pour in to my mobile. Wishes from my love ones.

Fathima - Happy Birthday and many2 happy returns of the day
Shana(housemate) - heppy burfday ;>
Ita (housemate) - Happy birthday cik bedah! :-D
Shah (my bro-inlaw) - Liza, happy birthday.. semoga pnjang umur n dmurahkn rezeki.. amin
Sue - Happy bday. Moga cepat kawin
Sarah - Cik kiah.. Happy birthday...
Nurul - Happy birthday!
Noi (my uni buddy) - Hi mate.. ari ni ari ape yek? mcm ada bday seseorg kan.. happy 27th baday mate.. dh tua dh, tapi maintain cun ye.. hehe
Dr Ahmad - Happy birthday
Jaja - Happy birthday to you.. semoga panjang umur & dimurahkan rezeki
And most importantly, My baby - Remember2 the 9th of november. its my gf's birthday! make a wish now.. & i hope its come true. Happy birthday baby. Luv ya. (owh... I just love him!)

and many other verbal wishes from my frens & family. I feel so blessed! My bf took me out that morning and gave me a dozen of lovely red rosses, a Guess travelling bag (because I travel freaking a lot these days), and lots of kisses :) hehehe.. we went to curve for lunch. later that night he took me out for dinner at Bora Asmara in Damansara. The place was lovely. And I just love being around my baby. Along with the birthday present and flower, he gave me a card with meaningful words written in it. I was flattered because not only he took the effort to decorate the card himself, but also the word he wrote in it. Here how it goes

Hi sayang,

9th Nov 2007... its your birthday again!! :). Happy Birthday baby. Glad that we still together, still deeply in love. still care so much about each other. After all these years, my love for you never change... still the same as the 1st day that I met u. Never been so in love like this. Tq so much dear. Im wishing all the best for u... may this could be the best year for you baby, may it brings a;; the happiness that u've been looking for! Tq for being such a lovely person, a good friend, a loving & caring Gf, a great companion. U mean everything to me. I'll do the best i can to love u, care about u, & not to hurt u. Tq for ur love & all the memories... wishing u baby, a happy birthday, take care & keep smilling :)

owh... I just love this guy. I reallly hope that our love will last forever. Remain in love to each other for the rest of our life.. Amin.

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