Sunday, December 10, 2006


I read an article yesterday in a newspaper. Its about a group of people who they called SWANS (Strong Women Achivers, No Spouse). Christine Whelan, the author of "Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women" is the one who came up with this SWANS theory... Interesting I must say. Because according to her, most women who past the age of 25, will get scared that they might end up not married and die alone... hhhmmmm... sounds familiar =)
Interesting enuf, as I was reading the november issue of a magazine, one writer wrote another artical on the similar issue. I wonder if this has become one of the nation's social issue. Anyways, in his/her artical, it was stated that according to a survey, women who marry after the age 30 reduce their chances of getting divorce by 11%, as compared to their friends who got married before the age 25. But again... survey is just marely numbers... it depends entirely on us to prove the statistic wrong or right.

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