Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blood & water

They said blood are thicker then water. But I seriously think that whoever invented those statement, should really consider to revise it. It is true that blood is thicker then water or rather, family bonds stronger then friends. But to me, the bond that u have with friends can sometimes be stronger. Im the type that most of the poeple around me said, easy to be friend with. I can easily be friends with people.. True. Im friendly. But true friends, I only have few. People define their meaning of friendship differently. So differently that sometimes I wonder where do they get the guts to talk behind their friends back, or even ignore what their friends are feeling. And I wonder which dictionary that they used to define the word "Friendship".

I received an e-mail yesterday. The e-mail was sent not particularly for me, it was for a group of 'Friends'. Few minutes after reading it, a friend of mine called and ask if Im okey (He is also in the mailling list). The moment that I hear his voice, I just broke down. Just look at the power of friendship. Eventhough he is in KL, while me in the stone age, his instinct tells him that Im hurt by what is written in the mail. Thanks buddy! you are a real friend.

Franckly, Im disturbed by the content of the mail. But the feelings that Im having is not acceptable. So I e-mailed my best friend (The-Best-Friend-In-The-World), Anne. What she replied, eventhough it is short, is very comforting.

"tak worth kau nak stress. biar lah minah tu nak sronot2, end up she
will cry liza. beautiful, sexy and lovely women like u deserve somebody
much more better than that pathetic ************. aku ketuk kepala kau 10 kali kalau kau sedih pasal nih. u should be happy that god let u see the true color of him!!! "

You are priceless darling! I've know anne for more then 9 years now. She knows every dirty details of my secrets. And I know hers. she would be there during my good and bad times... And I dunno if I've done enuf in return.

Last night, me and my housemate decided have our dinner at KFC. It was fun. we chatted for almost 2 hours in the restaurant... And later, shifted the girl-talk to the beach. And it lasted for the next 45 minutes... hehe... we girls can talk on almost anything for the rest of the day =)

Watched the entire episode of Gilmore Girls season 5 with Chura. And by 12, I was already in the dreamland.

I got up this morning... feeling on top of the world. All of the positive energy is with me.. The sun shine never shine this bright. Jacko song never sound so this good. Early morning shower never feel this nice and warm. Make-up on my face never look this pretty. My parfume never smell this sweet. My room never be this spacious and cosy. Bread & peanut butter never taste this delicous. I don't know why. Maybe it is because of the early sleep that I had last night. Or maybe because of the extra sugar in my body that I get from eating chocolate =) perhaps, because I got up from the right side of the bed this morning. Whatever it is, I just feel great. I feel blessed. I feel love.

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