Thursday, June 23, 2005

wonderful place called kertih!

21st June 2005

Went to pasar malam at kerteh with my office mate, wan, yesterday. She bought a few things to cook (she's 1 year older and she's happily married) like fish, chicken meat, onion and sorts of things... I bought ready cooked food instead. Nasi kerabu looks tempting.. Yummy! So I bought nasi kerabu, ayam goreng and some fruits. Went for tennis practice at KDRP (Rantau Petronas Country Club). Played with Eng, Sheikh, and Hafiz. My performance was bad!!! Lost my concentration...

Arrived home at 8... Had my dinner with jayjay, and ernie (my housemates) while watching CHARMED. Its a very lousy day.. I am bloody tired, but did not manage to sleep. Had a shower, wash my hair... And decide to take a ride for a while. So I decide to fuel up since they say it is economical to fuel up your car at night. Kak tini called me to say Hi... Sleep early that night... With lots of things on my mind :-(

22nd June 2005

Woke up at 6.30... Leave house at 7.30... All this while, I've been thinking of stopping to buy nasi lemak and to get a copy of the news paper on my way home.... Unfortunately, time is always the constraint... It is me to blame... Selalu lewat :-(

so this morning... The plan is being executed effectively... Bought nasi lemak Ikan (Things always comes with ikan here in tgnu) and get a copy of NST. Nothing much in the office. Had my "main committee meeting" for three long hours, had my lunch in the office (how boring...) And had another meeting in the afternoon. By the time the meeting ends, its already 4.30. Finished up my work, and left office at exactly 5.30. Have to rush back since I have tennis training with En Yazid at 6. By the time I reach rantau, its already raining... Yes! En. Yazid called and cancelled the training... How wonderful ;-) watch "first-wives club" on HBO... Now I really don't know what to do... Read story book, did my laundry and pack my bag (going back to KL tomrw.. He..he..he.. Seronoknye!)

23rd June 2005

Woke up early. Have to get to office on time since I will chair the morning briefing today. A bit nervous since I will be speaking and the rest of the staff (27 to be exact) of my department will be listening... Fortunately, everything went well. Send and reply a few business e-mails... And I don't know what else to do... Looking forward for 4 o'clock...

Leave office exactly 4.00pm... Rushed back home. Bought some kuih at bandar baru kerteh.... Take a shower and waited for Ita to fetch me (she's working at the Finance dept, and she's new too, and she's single too, and she hates kerteh too). She drove VIOS.

The journey was very sickening... Somehow, it is jam like hell in cherating (because of the stupid road-block, and the police is so damn smart since they are doing the road block everyday at the same spot and I am so damn sure that all the criminals in Malaysia is aware of the road-block...)

Somehow, we manage to arrive damansara at 10.30. Kanda fetch me there and we went for dinner. Arrive home at 12am. Daniel is still awake... He is kind of shy went he saw me...yela... Dah 2 weeks tak jumpa. Miss him so much! Wash my face, brush my teeth and zzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

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