Wednesday, August 17, 2011

yusuf taiyoob Chocodates

Every year time Ramadhan, misti tak miss iklan kurma dari yusuf taiyoob. Yang lawaknye, iklan dia siap ada suara perempuan berbisik.... "yusuf taiyoob...." hehehe

This year dorang introduce new kurma range which is chocolate coated dates with almond (Chocodates). Yuummmy!

Choc coated dates with almond is not new. Dah lama dah ada. Infact, my reatives yang pergi Mekah for Haji or Umrah pun selalu bawak balik. It is like a premium item la. Mahal sikit harga dia.

So I was so tempted to try it (the one by yusuf taiyoob), ye la, dah hari2 dengar iklan dalam radio on my way to work (before puasa). I asked hubby to go look for it (Since I am in my confinement and are not allowed to go out). Hubby search for it high and low.. kat Giant, Pasar Ramadhan, tapi tak jumpa. So he ended up buying chocodates of other brand. But I am not satisfied.

Nak dijadikan cerita, while I was browsing the FB looking at the stuff that people sell on-line, I came across a page that sell yusuf taiyoob's choco dates! saya sgt la excited, I ended up buying 2 big boxes! (1 box contained 12 smaller boxes. The small box contained 3 chocodates). 1 box is RM35 so one chocodate cost about RM1! mahal kan... tapi sebab teringin punye pasal.

Verdict: Tak menyesal beli! rasa chocolate dia sgt la sedap... (rasa chocolate mahal...) and the almond and date is soooo fresh.

Rupanya, yusuf taiyoob did not produce the chocodates... they are just the importer and just repackage the box with their logo/ label.

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