Monday, July 05, 2010


What happened when you combine Donuts with Sushi? Its what we (or BigApple) called as Donashi.

Its a new donuts range introduced by Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. First time I saw this, I think it was kinda sick and yucky. Sushi-like-donuts? not tempting at all... But I'm yet to try it, so I cant pass judgments to quickly, no?

~ The world first and extremely Sushi-licious DONUTS. Totally VEGETARIAN~

The menu... one first glance, it totally look like the normal sushi right?

~ So pretty

And they are running a contest to inconjunction with the launch of Donashi. All you have to do is be a Fan on their FACEBOOK page and guess the name of the DonaShi in fastest time possible. Is it not that easy as it sound.. trust me... hehehe

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