Tuesday, April 11, 2006

And the award goes to..

22nd March 2006

My company held an "Award Dinner" yesterday, and I was selected to host the dinner and also to interview people on the red carpet. This is no celebrities related or anything. It is just an annual company event, where awards will be given to the best executive of the year, best non-executive of the year, best performing plant, etc.

The theme of the nite is red & black. I decided not to waste money on new outfit and to just wear my old black kebaya with a red selendang.I was nervous in the beginning, and got relax as the event begun, thanks to my host partner that night who is so cool and natural. The event went well,and every body had fun.

I left the hotel at 12.30pm. As I was walking at the lobby to the parking area, "F" approaches me (I was inform earlier, dat"F" is an Engineer who happens to be one of "Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor"finalist):

F : Are you going back?
Me : Yes Im.. Sangat penat la
F : Are you driving?
Me : Yup
F : Let me walk you to your car
Me : ok(Shit!!! I will die if suri saw me walking with him... Suri has a crush onhim)And we had a light chat as we walk to my car. Nothing interesting.. Just anormal conversation.

Got home, exchange a few sms and msm with my baby, andsleep.Just as I expected, Suri found out. She send me e-mail asking this and thatthe nest day.I got really anoyed. F doesn't even know dat Suri exist!! Make a move girl,if you really want him. What ever, not that Im interested...

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